Safety System Assessments

Do You Know What’s in Your Hosted Oracle Argus Data?

In recent years, many life sciences companies have taken advantage of the rich possibilities of hosted computing by deploying Oracle Argus in the cloud. While this has created myriad cost efficiencies, it has also created a problem: When a company doesn’t host its own clinical and post-marketing drug safety solution, it can lose track of the data it contains.

If you’re using Argus in the cloud, do you really know what data is contained in the pharmacovigilance platform? Is it compliant? Are best practices being followed? Most don’t. And the potential costs can be huge.

That’s why Daelight Solutions has developed a proprietary methodology for quickly assessing hosted drug safety systems, and fixing any problems uncovered. In just a few weeks, our team of highly experienced Oracle Argus consultants can take a thorough look at your instance of the PV solution and ensure it complies with modern best practices and regulatory guidance. If there are issues found, they can be quickly mitigated. It’s insurance against any life sciences firm’s nightmare: a non-compliance letter.

Why Daelight Solutions?

Tier 1, 2 and 3 life sciences firms trust Daelight to assess their safety system exposure for one important reason: We’re unbiased. We don’t host Argus, and we don’t serve as a reseller for any solutions. Our only goal is to swiftly determine the health of the solution, then perform any corrective action necessary

Above all, our team is uniquely qualified to work in hosted instances of Argus. We have decades of combined experience using the tool both as consultants and end-users; we know Argus inside and out. Combined with a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements and information management best practices, that means we’re able to deliver real-world results swiftly and cost-effectively.