Daelight Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with Docxonomy for Veeva Vault Clients

Daelight Solutions, an IT consulting company focused on meeting the information challenges of life sciences companies, has announced a strategic partnership with Docxonomy, a data science company offering an intelligent search and knowledge discovery platform.

Daelight and Docxonomy will work together to develop and launch an intelligent connector that integrates with the Veeva Vault platform. This unique partnership leverages advanced document management capabilities with a life sciences twist: opportunistically filling a gap that needed to be addressed in the highly regulated industry.

“As we work with various pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients, we’ve noticed a consistent pain point across the enterprise: finding the right information in a timely manner within their unstructured data, such as business emails, documents, reports and other types of records,” said Dan Wheeler, founder and CEO of Daelight Solutions. “That’s why we’re partnering with Docxonomy – to take the productivity of our clients’ Veeva Vault content to the next level.

“Machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) have lent endless amounts of data in the life sciences space, and organizations need the ability to search through these sensitive, regulated pieces of information that can provide breakthrough insights in clinical trials and development processes. We’re excited to move forward with this partnership and bring an intelligent search platform to our Veeva Vault customers. The life sciences industry is complicated, but now we are collectively better armed to meet its needs.”

The intelligent connector will integrate with Veeva Vault, a leading content management platform for life sciences, and deliver a comprehensive solution for clients who need to more effectively search their clinical, regulatory, RIM and quality manufacturing document systems.

“We believe that unconnected data repositories have untapped potential – and our mission is to help enterprises discover this hidden knowledge,” said Bryan Reynolds, CEO of Docxonomy. “The capabilities to store and manage content within the Vault systems are unparalleled – and intelligent search is the next piece of the puzzle that our experience brings to the table. Right now, the heavily regulated and intricate life sciences industry needs this intelligent search capability more than ever. By working with Daelight, we can incorporate the exact life sciences nuances into the Docxonomy platform that best suit Veeva Vault user needs.”

About Daelight Solutions

Daelight Solutions is an IT consulting company that is relentlessly focused on meeting life sciences’ enterprise information challenges. Centered on delivering meaningful outcomes and value for clients, Daelight has an expert team of life sciences IT specialists with more than a half-century of combined experience in the space. Daelight provides clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries with services that ensure IT projects begin with the real world in mind.

Daelight Solutions is based in Princeton, NJ. Learn more at www.daelightsolutions.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Docxonomy

Docxonomy, LLC was founded in 2017. Docxonomy is a data science company offering an intelligent search and knowledge discovery platform for clients in multiple global industries and is based in Newtown, PA, USA.

Docxonomy is based in Newtown, PA.  Learn more at www.canyoufindit.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.