Generis Consulting Services

The Generis CARA Life Sciences Platform is an enterprise workspace that provides seamless collaboration for regulated processes. Daelight Solutions, an IT consulting company, is a Generis Certified Partner. Using our expertise, we successfully migrate data to and implement Generis CARA for regulatory teams in the life sciences industry. So no matter your needs, you can count on Daelight to get your Generis CARA system up and running efficiently.

Migrate Data Your Way

Migrating and validating your regulated data and content to Generis CARA can be a daunting task on your own. Team up with Daelight to ensure your migration is planned in a way that keeps your business running and ensures optimal data integrity and compliance.

Implement Generis CARA With Ease

Implementing your Generis CARA Life Sciences Platform is easier when you have Daelight on your side. Whether we work with Generis or implement your system ourselves, we will ensure your platform is set up for success so you can hit the ground running.

Leave Your Project Management to Us

Every Generis project is unique, so trust our team to handle all the details. Let us determine how to develop roadmaps for the migrations and integrations, harmonize your information into a single data lake, and educate your team on how to use the latest features.

Optimize Your Business Process

Get the most out of your Generis investment with the help of Daelight. Generis CARA offers the ability to consolidate your processes, data and content into a central system. This allows you to transform your business processes and see the bigger picture.

Partner With Us

Daelight is always looking to partner with leaders in the life sciences industry. Our team enjoys collaborating with like-minded experts so we can provide the best solutions to our clients. If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch.