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Decades of successful GxP-validated migrations, integrations and implementations of Veeva solutions have earned us Veeva Vault Preferred Partner and Certified Migration status. As your business partner, we ensure minimal business disruption and maximum ROI during the process.

Veeva Consulting Services Done Right

Daelight brings deep industry knowledge and expertise to the table to ensure solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Our track record of successful migrations, coupled with a client-centric approach, makes us a trusted partner for driving digital transformation and maximizing the value of your Veeva platform.

Your Veeva Vault Migration Experts

Data migrations can be daunting, especially when you have large, complex datasets that need to be moved compliantly. They can be especially challenging if you’re working with a new system like Veeva Vault, which can have its own terminology and functions that differ from your legacy system.

Trust your Veeva Vault migration to the team that’s done it successfully time and time again. We have the experience and knowledge to confidently guide you through the migration process.

With us, you gain:

  • Comprehensive migration planning
  • Minimal business disruption
  • Maximum data integrity and compliance

Migrating Millions of Documents & Objects to Veeva Vault

Over the years, we’ve helped customers like you with various tasks, including:

  • 500,000 documents migrated from a Legacy Documentum (FirstDoc) system to Vault eTMF
  • Study startup data migrated from goBalto and Trial Master File (TMF) documentation to Vault SSU and eTMF
  • Over 1 million objects migrated from Siebel CTMS to Vault CTMS
  • Documents and training items migrated from legacy systems (MasterControl and Montrium QMS) to Vault QualtyDocs and Training
  • Over 2+ million cases and 11 million documents migrated from Oracle Argus to Vault Safety

Streamline Vault Migrations with the Daelight Migration Tool

At Daelight, we’re more than consultants. We also develop solutions, like the Daelight Migration Tool (DMT), to enhance the Vault migration process.

DMT securely migrates data and content from OpenText, File Systems or other Vaults to Veeva Vault. Leveraging industry best practices, DMT meets complex migration needs while reducing costs.

CRO Migrates 1 Million Records in Just 20 Weeks to Veeva

A Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in complex diseases merged from multiple companies, each using different clinical operations systems. To unify their processes, they needed to migrate their existing Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and payment data to Veeva Vault platforms. Facing tight deadlines and multiple systems, they partnered with Daelight to streamline the migration process. Read our case study for details.

De-Risk Your Veeva Vault Implementation​

Veeva Vault platform streamlines content and data management when implemented using best practices and experience. Misguided implementations add to the complexities of data management and expose companies to regulatory risk.

That’s why you should partner with an experienced team that can work alongside the Veeva Configuration team—or execute the implementation project on their own. At Daelight, we can do it all.

 Successful implementations start with the following:

  • Defining master data management strategies
  • Properly planning resource availability and other competing priorities to ensure realistic timelines are established
  • Clarifying the direction of business processes before embarking on system implementation

These steps are critical to ensure the systems meet your business needs.

Easily Extract & Analyze Data with DVQT

The Daelight Vault Query Tool (DVQT) allows power users to extract and analyze data from Veeva Vault instances. DVQT offers an interactive graphical interface to make data retrieval faster and more efficient. With DVQT, you can run VQL effortlessly to obtain large data sets without worrying about exceeding API call limits.

Smooth Veeva Vault Integrations

Daelight excels in facilitating seamless Veeva Vault integrations tailored to your business needs. Our team of experts meticulously assesses your requirements, designs custom integration solutions and ensures a smooth connection between Veeva Vault and your existing systems or applications. With our help, you can optimize data flow, automate processes and enhance collaboration across your organization.

Configure Your Veeva Vault with Ease

Experience a seamless Veeva Vault configuration process with Daelight. Our dedicated team of experts works diligently to optimize every aspect of your Vault setup, focusing on maximizing efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing overall ease of use.

Streamline complex configuration tasks, fine-tune system settings and create a tailored environment that perfectly aligns with your business goals – with the experts at Daelight.

business man using laptop in modern conference room

Optimize Your Veeva Vault RIM

Veeva pushes three platform updates yearly, which can alter your Vault regulatory information management (RIM) implementation and configuration. Keep your Vault RIM ahead of the curve with Daelight’s Veeva Vault RIM Health Check.

As part of our thorough system and process review for your organization’s Vault RIM, we carefully assess your business requirements to guarantee optimal performance. Our team not only identifies areas for improvement but also provides actionable recommendations to enhance your Vault, and we can seamlessly implement these suggestions for you.

Impactful Veeva Program & Project Management

For more than a decade, Veeva has been creating technology suites that work cohesively to help streamline the operations of life sciences organizations worldwide. However, getting these systems up and running can be difficult because it often involves integrating complex processes, data migrations and ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, all of which require specialized knowledge and experience to navigate effectively.

Our certified program and project management team members keep your project on time, on budget and moving forward. Everything we do is performed compliantly to ensure your business needs are met.

  • Planning and management
  • Business case development
  • Communications and reporting
  • Stakeholder management
  • System validation management
  • Budget and financial management
  • Vendor selection management
  • Risk management
  • System deployments
  • Adoption strategy

Dynamic Business Process Optimization

Streamlined, global processes are key to efficiently running a life sciences organization. However, when you need to quickly replace antiquated technologies with Veeva, it’s common for business process analysis to fall by the wayside.

Daelight is renowned for its expertise in analyzing and strategizing business process optimization, even within demanding project timelines. Our team will partner with your business project leads to provide industry best practices and solutions that fit your new Veeva technology and end-to-end global process needs. This saves you time and money while improving the quality of your system.

Your Source for Veeva Strategy, Advisory & Governance

When you need help making decisions involving your Veeva system, consult with our team for superior service. As Veeva experts, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help with all your business management and decision-making needs.

  • Strategy: When you need a new system like RIM, CTMS or QMS, turn to Daelight for recommendations. We offer product evaluations for Veeva and its competitors.
  • Advisory: Receive advice on whether you should move to Veeva, and if so, how and when you should make the migration.
  • Governance: Ensure your system is up-to-date by having Daelight provide Veeva release management.

The Daelight Difference

Our team has decades of experience helping pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies plan and execute complex, validated data and content migrations.

  • Emphasis on planning and migration analysis
  • Minimal business disruption
  • Maintain data integrity and compliance (including Title 21 CFR Part 11)

Talk with a Veeva Expert

Partnering with Daelight for Veeva services ensures seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into your business operations. Our expertise and commitment to quality guarantee optimized workflows and enhanced customer experiences. When you want to leverage Veeva’s capabilities effectively, you know who to call.