Daelight Solutions Vault Query Tool

Free for Veeva Vault Power Users

Daelight’s Vault Query Tool (DVQT) is intuitive, interactive and easy to use – and free for Veeva Vault Power Users.


DVQT is an interactive, graphical interface that helps users quickly extract and analyze data from Veeva Vault instances.

When you’re migrating or analyzing large amounts of data, sometimes Postman or Vault Loader JSON formatted extracts just don’t cut it. Our team developed a tool to help us (and our clients) get work done more efficiently.

DVQT is a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows users to easily run VQL to retrieve large sets of data from Veeva Vault without increasing Veeva Vault API calls that could potentially breach daily threshold limits.

DVQT Capabilities

  • Execute VQL and export results to CSV files
  • Run standard SQL queries to filter results
  • Queries are executed offline (no need to actively connect to Veeva Vault)
  • Extract picklist values
  • Dump field values for selected documents

The free tool also comes with a complete user guide – including example VQL queries – helping you get up and running fast. Plus, it’s backed by our team of migration specialists with years of experience migrating content and data to Veeva Vault who can answer any questions you may have.

To watch a video demonstration of the DVQT tool, click here.

Already using DVQT? Please send us any feedback, questions, feature requests or bug reports to dvqt@daelightsolutions.com.

Your Veeva Vault Certified Migration Partner

As a Veeva Vault Certified Migration Partner, our team is always looking for new ways to improve our processes and Veeva Vault specific Migration technology techniques. That’s why we innovated DVQT.

For Veeva Vault Power Users, By Veeva Vault Experts

Our DVQT tool was designed for expert Veeva Vault users to get even more out of the system. Veeva Vault admins, business admins and end users who are working with Veeva Vault configurations and familiar with VQL will all benefit from using DVQT to run queries.

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