Maximize Your Vault RIM Investment

The Veeva Vault RIM Health Check by Daelight Solutions is a system and process review of your organization’s Vault RIM configuration and usage. Leverage this offering to evaluate your business needs and ensure your RIM is performing at optimal levels.

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Who is the Veeva Vault RIM Health Check For?

The Health Check is a service for the RIM System Administrator and RIM System Owner to evaluate your Vault RIM configuration/implementation against your business needs, end-user experience and actual usage of the system.

How Long Does the Health Check Take?

Generally, the Health Check is completed in 4-6 weeks. However, depending on the complexity of your process or system, extra time may be necessary.

What Does the Health Check Do?

The Veeva Vault RIM Health Check allows our experts to examine your RIM system in depth, including configuration, business process, feature usage, security and vault administration.

The goal is to identify pain points and recommend targeted approaches in each area to ensure that a future-state system is maximizing value and minimizing user frustration.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, the Health Check can help:

  • Low user adoption
  • Administrative frustration
  • Data accuracy/integrity issues
  • Inefficient or over-complicated processes
  • Low or no uptake of new RIM/Vault Platform features

Evaluate Your Vault RIM in 4 Stages

Every Vault RIM is different, which is why our team performs comprehensive checks in four stages. This gives us a clear picture of how your system is currently functioning so we can give you recommendations for taking your RIM to new heights.

Veeva Vault RIM Health Check

Stage 1: RIM Application Analysis

How are you currently using your Vault RIM, and what are the areas for improvement? Find out with our Health Check. Here’s how we do it:

  • Identify areas for efficiency gains
  • Assess current state against best practices
  • Look at data field usage
  • Identify areas of automation
  • Recommend unused RIM features
  • Build a release plan for larger features
  • Assess training/SOP effectiveness
  • Identify methods to increase user adoption

Stage 2: Vault Platform Analysis

To ensure you are receiving the most value from your Vault RIM, our team will perform a thorough analysis:

  • Identify areas that need enhanced reporting
  • Recommend intuitive dashboards
  • Understand RIM performance and health
  • Identify struggling process areas
  • Investigate gaps in security
  • Check upkeep of security model


Stage 3: Support & Administration

Optimize your Vault RIM administrative and support processes so your users can work more efficiently:

  • Investigate the administrative processes in Vault RIM
  • Vault change management process and implementation timelines
  • Evaluate user provisioning and upkeep
  • End-user issue management and resolution
  • Vault synchronization methodology

Stage 4: Validation

The final stage involves a cyclical validation process to ensure your Vault RIM is reliable and compliant:

  • Oversight: Check if approved SOPs are followed and standardize operational procedures.
  • Guidance & Deliverables: Verify traceability of GxP system usage and give direction on good testing.
  • Operational Support: Ensure GMP systems remain in a controlled and validated state.
  • Review/Approve: Ensure CSV deliverables meet the governing policies and review documents for compliance.

Post-Health Check

Your partnership with Delight Solutions doesn’t stop with the Health Check. We have the experience and expertise to assist you in implementing Configuration, Migration, Business Process, and Validation recommendations.


  • Requirement gathering
  • Feature implementation
  • Release support
  • Security cleanup and fixes


  • Master data mapping and migration
  • SubsArchive migration
  • Registrations migration
  • Document migration

Business Process

  • Process mapping and development
  • Build process models for future reference
  • Monitor effectiveness of new and current processes


  • Validation documentation
  • SOP and work instructions
  • Release management documentation 

Unlock the Value of your Veeva Vault RIM

Here are powerful insights from providing the Health Check to clients like you.

Improved Training & Utilization

Companies with mature configuration and administration can gain a lot of value by evaluating how to get users excited and more involved in RIM processes. 

The Health Check evaluates both business processes and system data entry. By combining efficient training modules (including end-user shortcuts) and guided data entry recommendations, the number of clicks required to complete the RIM end-to-end process is significantly reduced.

Streamlined Security

Companies with less mature administration processes can have burdensome security administration that results in many work hours.

Through the implementation of features like DAC and expanded custom object-sharing rules, the number of groups that are manually maintained to run processes is cut down in both cases, saving valuable IT resources for other efforts.

Robust Reporting

Most companies are told that the Vault reporting engine is a powerful tool but are often left to themselves to implement their reports and dashboards based on their needs after some time being live.

For one Health Check participant, we configured or overhauled over 60 reports and several new dashboards to give users and administrators a faster and more holistic data viewing experience.

Who Is Daelight Solutions?

Daelight Solutions is a life sciences business and technology consultancy that helps companies with system implementations, integrations, migrations, and business process analysis across every stage of the drug development lifecycle.