Daelight Solutions Now a Generis Certified Partner

Daelight Solutions, an IT consulting company focused on meeting the information challenges of life sciences companies, recently achieved being a Generis Certified Partner.

Generis Knowledge Management, Inc., is a global leader in content and information management systems for regulated industries.

Since 2019, Daelight and Generis have been partners in the quest to improve life sciences professionals’ access to data while streamlining processes, reducing costs, maintaining compliance and enabling information flow across entire enterprises. CARA is an intelligent content services platform for RIM, Regulatory/R&D, Safety, Clinical, Nonclinical, Quality QxP, CMC, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Information/Media Affairs and more.

“The advantage of going through the steps to become a Generis Certified Partner allows Daelight to have access to training resources and customer service, to use Generis products for marketing purposes and to take part in joint marketing activities,” says Dan Wheeler, Founder and CEO, Daelight Solutions. “As more life sciences companies deploy CARA, Daelight’s consultants can audit needs, migrate and integrate systems, and quickly and cost effectively implement the platform.”

About Daelight Solutions

Daelight Solutions is an IT consulting company that is relentlessly focused on meeting the enterprise information challenges of the life sciences industry. Centered on delivering meaningful outcomes and value for clients, Daelight has an expert team of life sciences IT specialists with decades of experience in the space. Daelight provides clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries with services that ensure IT projects begin with the real world in mind. Daelight Solutions is based in Princeton, NJ. Learn more at www.daelightsolutions.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Generis

Generis is a global leader in content and information management systems, specializing in proven solutions for regulated industries. Established in 1997 as a consultancy group, Generis has since grown and developed alongside its flagship product CARA. Our mission is to provide a solution which is highly configurable and user friendly; a dedicated team works hard to guarantee customer satisfaction. Currently counting over 450,000 users across numerous industries worldwide, including 8 of the 10 largest Life Science companies, CARA continues to progress to become the answer for end to end data management. To find out more visit: www.generiscorp.com