Daelight Solutions Releases Vault Query Tool (DVQT) 1.4 Update

Daelight Solutions, an IT consulting company dedicated to addressing the information challenges of life sciences companies, recently released version 1.4 of its Vault Query Tool (DVQT).

DVQT 1.4 improves performance by over 3,000% through the use of multi-threaded queries and display resizing optimizations that significantly increase display performance. This release provides new and improved features such as enhanced “SELECT *” functionality, the ability to easily toggle between environments after login, and automated bug reporting capabilities.

“DVQT 1.4 is a natural evolution of our data analytics solution,” says Dan Wheeler, Founder and CEO, Daelight Solutions. “By incorporating feedback from Daelight consultants and customers, the Daelight Vault Query Tool provides more robust capabilities for anyone who has Vault data analytics needs.”

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