Daelight Solutions to Attend Amazon’s re:MARS 2019 Conference

Machine learning, artificial intelligence and other pieces of advanced technology have started to transform nearly every industry – including the life sciences space. As these innovations become more widespread, it’s important for us to touch base with industry leaders to understand proper implementations and practical applications of this technology.

On June 4, 2019, Daelight team member Mike Mulhearn will be in Las Vegas, Nevada to represent Daelight Solutions at Amazon’s re:MARS 2019 conference. The new flagship event covers everything from machine learning and automation to robotics and space, featuring 100 breakout sessions and hands-on workshops to help organizations apply the latest advancements to their organizations.

“Mike is experienced in helping pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies remain up-to-date and relevant with emerging technologies,” said Daelight Founder and CEO Dan Wheeler. “Sending him to this conference allows him – and, in turn, our entire team – to keep a pulse on the latest advancements and best practices, so we can continue to provide the best solutions to our clients.”

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