Daelight Team Member Awarded NJ State Governor’s Jefferson Award for Public Service

Daelight Solutions is dedicated to the community – and committed to providing team members with the time and resources they need to give back. Barry O’Hagan, Daelight Pharmacovigilance (PV) Specialist, rings this value true by regularly organizing community volunteer work for him and his colleagues.

With that said, O’Hagan was recently awarded the NJ State Governor’s Jefferson Award for Public Service, recognizing his impact on the community and dedication to serve.

The Center for Family Services, a non-profit organization that Daelight regularly volunteers for, nominated O’Hagan for the award. Every year, Daelight helps the organization with their annual Project Backpack event and Holiday Gift Project, among other contributions.

“I appreciate the flexible working environment that Daelight provides so our team is able to serve the community and follow our passions outside work,” said Barry O’Hagan, PV Specialist.  “I love to volunteer with the team. Thank you to the Center for Family Services for your nomination – and for all of the important work you do.”

Though Daelight aims to serve at least once a year as a company, the team usually ends up volunteering much more. Some other causes that they care about include Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House and Jersey Cares.