Data-Driven Machine Learning Solution With Box Skills

After attending the BoxWorks conference in September, the wheels started turning about how we could incorporate the content management solution into our own processes. Specifically, we wanted to enhance our custom data-driven solutions with the latest technologies in Machine Leaning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

We ended up entering the Box Skills Beta Program, where we had the hands-on opportunity to explore how to integrate our cutting-edge entity recognition algorithms into the existing Box infrastructure. Through this, we discovered a number of benefits that make partnering with Box for our ML solutions a no-brainer.

Seamless Integration – Many of our clients have already made significant investments in the Box platform, so it makes sense for us to integrate with it fully. Now, clients can use the existing Box infrastructure while leveraging our new Box Skills capabilities for processing files in real-time – all secured by Box’s best-in-class security standards. Additionally, the Box GUI allows the user to preview the files being processed and to review the results of our algorithms, all in one simple view. Because Box interfaces with many of the major cloud computing providers, we’re able to rapidly deploy and continuously scale our algorithms to meet growing demand.

Rapid Deployment and Continuous Scalability – By leveraging the Box Skills framework, we can focus on creating and refining algorithms to improve solutions for our life sciences clients. These new or updated algorithms can be seamlessly deployed to our cloud computing providers, so clients can reap the benefits in real-time. Partnering with cloud computing providers means we’re able to automatically scale our application in response to increased workloads, helping us continually meet elastic demand – and consistently delight clients.

Best-In-Class Security Standards – The life sciences industry is stringently regulated, which means data security is always a high-priority for us. Partnering with Box ensures we stay compliant with security standards because of the strict guidelines they implement. Files are encrypted at rest and in transit using AES and TLS encryption, respectively. Content is stored on enterprise-grade servers that are audited and monitored 24/7. To further prevent data breaches or loss of content, files are backed up daily to additional facilities. Box allows users to not only work safely, but also work on a global scale. Since Box complies with internationally recognized standards – such as ISO 27001, ISO 27018, Binding Corporate Rules and Privacy Shield – all of our clients can rest assured that their information is in good hands.

The Box Skills program offers reasonably priced licensing for data enrichment using AI and ML, on top of their existing centralized, collaborative content management platform. The one drawback in the initial phase of the Skills program was the required one-time setup that will return metadata attributes searchable by field, as opposed to globally by the content of all attributes. But this is a small price to pay for all the benefits it has to offer.

Through the exposure of the Box Skills API, the possibilities are only limited by the output metadata cards offered by the program and the creativity of the developers. We’re looking forward to further discovering how we can transform our custom data-driven solutions with the support of Box.