How Veeva Vault Migration Partners Become Certified: 3 Essential Steps

In today’s data-driven, cloud-first world, a migration to Veeva Vault moves your business forward. Find out why choosing a certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner is a strategic differentiator that provides fast and secure data migration.

If you’re here, you are probably already familiar with the benefits of using Veeva Vault. In short: Veeva Vault is a leading, cloud-based content management platform for life sciences. Around the world, businesses run Veeva Vault to bring their documents and data together for seamless, end-to-end business processes.

However, migrating to Veeva Vault on your own – while safeguarding your everyday operations – can be a challenge. To minimize the risk of your migration and quickly take full advantage of content management in the cloud, trust a certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner. 

What is a Certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner?

A certified Veeva Vault migration partner is trained in Veeva’s migration methodology and best practices. They also have experience and expertise with the migration tools and techniques required for successful data migrations. This allows them to help clients migrate their data while maintaining data integrity, confidentiality, and security, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Without a certified Veeva Vault migration partner to help with your move, you put your data and business at risk.

Data migration should never be an afterthought. While your business may be prepared to implement Veeva Vault by itself, data migration often introduces more challenges than IT is equipped to handle. The rapid pace of digitalization in life sciences has saddled businesses with massive amounts of legacy data stored across silos. It’s likely that, without the right data migration support, you won’t be able to make the most of your valuable data insights or your investment in Veeva Vault. It’s even possible that your data will be migrated into an unusable state in the target system if not thought through and executed properly.

A certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner can also empower your users with training and support for greater adoption of your new cloud-based content management system. That’s because migration is only part of the journey – the partner you choose should take a holistic, outcomes-based approach that puts your business in control of its data. It helps if they have also received additional Veeva certifications that prove they can provide support across the entire solution lifecycle, including implementation, go-live, and beyond.

How Does a Veeva Vault Migration Partner Get Certified? 3 Main Steps

Achieving Veeva Vault Migration Partner Certification is rigorous and takes – at a minimum – months of hard work from the service provider. Veeva does its due diligence and dives in deep to make sure its partners are qualified and prepared to provide the support you need. This process involves many meetings and significant documentation, as well as three key steps to certification:

  1. Reviewing migration tools and technology
  2. Examining the migration process
  3. Checking customer references

Step 1: Reviewing Migration Tools and Technology

Veeva examines the tools a potential partner will use to perform a Veeva Vault migration. The company has a comprehensive checklist of requirements for partner technology, such as maximizing performance and reducing system overhead by utilizing bulk APIs and the latest and greatest technical procedures. Ultimately, all these tools and technologies must adhere to Veeva’s best practices.

Step 2: Examining the Migration Process

A potential partner’s processes must also match Veeva’s best practices. Veeva wants to know how partners will handle the planning and execution of migration projects from start to finish. Their processes must be fit to tackle the challenges a Veeva customer might face at any point along the migration journey. 

Step 3: Checking Customer References

Veeva requires potential partners to provide evidence of past success in helping life sciences companies migrate to Veeva Vault. For example, businesses participating in the Veeva Vault Migration Certification program must complete two referenceable migration projects within the last twelve months. 

Why Should My Company Choose a Certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner?

A certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner provides a variety of services designed to help your business quickly and efficiently migrate from its existing data management system to Veeva Vault. Their certification is a seal of approval from Veeva that assures you that the partner you’ve chosen has the tools, strategies and expertise to meet your needs.

Access to Skilled Consultants

First and foremost, working with a Veeva Vault Migration Partner gives you access to skilled, experienced technology experts who are familiar with Veeva Vault and can confidently plan and manage the migration process. This helps reduce the risk of migration because the partner has direct access to Veeva’s people, systems, and processes. They should have a strong, longstanding relationship with Veeva that involves training and enablement, so they can stay up to date with the latest developments and updates across the Veeva platform.

Reduced Migration Risk

Certified Veeva Vault Migration Partners rely on years of experience helping businesses like yours migrate their data safely and securely. The right partner has probably seen virtually every project challenge and data condition you can imagine, and they should have standard procedures for resolving them all.

Access to State-of-the-Art Tools

The partner you select may even also offer tools for Veeva Vault users. These can include query tools, which enable users to quickly extract and analyze data from Veeva Vault, as well as migration tools, which help move data and content to Veeva Vault securely and in compliance with relevant regulations.


Taking the plunge into modern, cloud-based content management is daunting, especially from a data migration perspective. But you don’t have to do it alone. A certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner is prepared to support you before, during, and after your data migration to Veeva Vault. In addition, an in-depth certification process by Veeva helps ensure you connect only with best-in-class consultants prepared to meet your unique needs.

Choosing a Veeva Vault Migration Partner empowers your business with the expertise and knowledge of IT professionals who know Veeva Vault inside and out. The certified partner can manage the entire migration process from start to finish. With their support, you can focus on your core business operations – and leave migration to the experts.

Daelight Solutions is a Veeva Preferred Services Partner and Certified Migration Partner. To begin planning a successful Veeva Vault migration with support from our experts, contact us.