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CRO Migrates 1 Million Records in Just 20 Weeks to Veeva

Daelight was brought on to lead the migrations to Veeva Vault CTMS and Veeva Vault Payments. This included source and target mapping, migration strategy and planning, project management, validation, and testing.

5 Signs Your Veeva Vault RIM Needs a Health Check

Many life science organizations leverage Veeva Vault RIM. However, even the most robust system needs occasional check-ups. Here are five signs your Veeva Vault RIM needs a health check.

Does Your eTMF System Need a Health Check?

eTMF systems streamline and organize clinical trial information in a way that’s easier to manage, track, and archive. But if your eTMF isn’t optimized, it can be challenging to reap these benefits. One way to ensure your eTMF operates at its best is to perform a health check.

Who Is Daelight Solutions?

Daelight Solutions is a life sciences business and technology consultancy that helps companies with system implementations, integrations, migrations, and business process analysis across every stage of the drug development lifecycle.