7 Key Takeaways from Veeva R&D and Quality Summit 2022

Veeva – the industry leader for cloud solutions in life sciences – recently hosted its annual R&D and quality conference in Boston. Here are seven things we learned.

The Veeva R&D and Quality Summit 2022 brought together life sciences leaders and experts to network and learn about the latest innovations and best practices in the industry.

The central theme focused on breaking barriers to advance life sciences, with an emphasis on collaboration and partnerships. And with over 100 learning sessions hosted by industry leaders, there was much to take in. Here are seven takeaways from the Daelight Solutions team:

  1. Migrated data is a concern for many
  2. Veeva continues to improve its development cloud platform
  3. Veeva prioritizes Vault performance
  4. Safety is the next big thing
  5. Veeva Vault is IDMP ready
  6. Enterprise publishing is available
  7. Veeva is community-focused

1. Migrating Data Is a Concern for Many

As a gold sponsor at the event, Daelight hosted a booth to teach eventgoers about the company and its Daelight Vault Query Tool (DVQT). While talking with visitors, Daelight found that many folks were anxious about migrating data from legacy systems to modern systems.

For example, one visitor had experience with a document migration but has yet to try a registration migration. Daelight explained how regulatory information management system (RIMS) migrations vary, so it could be helpful to work with an IT consultant for a higher chance of success.

2. Veeva Continues to Improve Its Development Cloud Platform

Veeva showed attendees that it was committed to advancing its Veeva Development Cloud platform by making it easier for its systems to talk to each other.

For years, Veeva has talked about making its suite a single source of truth for life science data. Now, it’s gearing up for integrations and Vault Spark connections to transmit information between its various suites, so regardless of which Vault Application suite the data originates, there is traceability back to a single source.

3. Veeva Prioritizes Vault Performance

Veeva is looking to improve its Vault platform to manage storage and data effectively. To enhance performance, Veeva upgrades Vault every four months. Unfortunately, the downtime for maintenance can last four hours, hindering users from working in the system. Veeva is working to make the downtime only 30 minutes long so that users can access the Vault 24/7.

4. Safety Is the Next Big Thing

Many attendees were looking forward to seeing how Veeva’s Safety suite continued to evolve. Amongst eventgoers, Safety is a golden opportunity to make advancements in the life sciences. Veeva talked more about its Safety solutions and how it’s already functional and in use. And as more users adopt the system, it will help to make work more accessible through its advanced features.

5. Veeva Vault Is IDMP Ready

Another exciting announcement was that Veeva Vault is ready to handle the Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP). The IDMP is a set of regulations developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that aims to “facilitate the unique identification of medicinal products in the context of pharmacovigilance and the safety of medications throughout the world.”

Since Vault already has a data model that complies with IDMP, it allows users to get ahead of the curve before the regulations become standard worldwide.

6. Enterprise Publishing Is Available

The Vault RIM Application has touted a publishing module for several years now, but many customers have been wary of making the switch. With many recent upgrades and quick turn-around for regional DTD changes, RIM now stands ready to deliver higher volumes of submissions directly to health authorities. Plus, the system is self-validating to ensure compliance.

7. Veeva Is Community-Focused

The sense of community was a highlight at this year’s Veeva R&D and Quality Summit. Many speakers were actual Veeva customers and provided first-hand accounts of how they implemented Veeva tools in beneficial ways.


Veeva R&D and Quality Summit 2022 was a successful event that showcased how Veeva continues to innovate its products to push the industry forward. We can’t wait to return to Boston next year and see what new and exciting developments are in store.

Daelight Solutions is a life sciences IT consulting company that is a Veeva Preferred Services Partner and Certified Migration Partner. If you need help with Veeva migrations, please contact us.