The Guide to Choosing a Veeva Vault Migration Partner

Are you interested in migrating to Vault, but the thought of making a move yourself seems impossible? Then, consider choosing a Veeva Vault Migration Partner. Here’s everything you need to know to make a decision.

Veeva Vault is an innovative solution for managing data in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, from R&D to submission and regulatory approval. Migrations to Vault are rising as life sciences companies require centralized, consistent, accessible regulatory information management when spreadsheets and legacy document management systems no longer suffice.

What is Veeva Vault? Why Are Companies Migrating to It?

Veeva offers state-of-the-art information management systems in the life science industry for various functions, including:

Its agile software suite offers rapid implementation and deployment uptake, which minimizes downtime.

One of Veeva’s popular solutions, Vault, is a cloud-based content management platform that helps life sciences organizations manage their content creation, storage and delivery processes. It provides a secure, centralized repository to store, track, and manage all types of content, from labels and packaging to clinical trial documents and training materials. It also enables organizations to collaborate with their partners, suppliers, and customers to ensure their content is accurate and up-to-date.

Veeva Vault Migration Partners are certified life science IT consultants who have proven they use Vault best practices, have demonstrated their migration tools are compliant and effective, and completed successful migrations with customer references.

Why Should You Work With a Veeva Vault Migration Partner?

Better Migration Preparation

As with most projects, effective preparation determines the effectiveness of performance. Unfortunately, life sciences companies in the business of bringing drugs and devices from development to market are not necessarily in the business of having the expertise to perform the analytical prep work of its IT systems across clinical, quality, safety and regulatory functions and its universe of documents and data necessary to lay the groundwork for a glitch-free migration.

An IT professional preparing for system migration.

And even if they did, the systems and business administrator resources spending time away from essential business goals represent a significant opportunity cost as they labor to roadmap business needs, data integration impacts, and system configuration requirements to support the migration. 

Working with a Veeva Vault Migration Partner brings allows you to get best-in-class migration preparation while you focus on your “day job.” Working with a certified partner provides you with a structured approach to business, systems and data analysis integral to a successful migration.

Improved Migration Compliance

Ensuring compliance with data migration is essential to guarantee secure and accurate data transfer. Not adhering to rules and regulations may result in legal repercussions such as fines and penalties, as well as potential data loss, data corruption, and security risks. Therefore, it is imperative to comply with all laws, regulations, and standards to avoid any negative outcomes.

But handling your migration compliance can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with all the granular details. That’s why it’s beneficial to work with a Veeva Vault Migration Partner who understands the intricacies of migrating to Veeva Vault from start to finish. They have the experience and skills to keep your data compliant throughout the migration process, so you can feel confident that your migration will go smoothly while you focus on other parts of your business operations.

Powerful Tools

Among the advantages of having a certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner is the continuous support to business end users. While Veeva’s support and training are excellent, performing routine queries that generate a huge volume of data may hit API call thresholds, and the output may not be user-friendly.

To overcome these challenges, some partners are creating their own proprietary tools. For example, the Daelight Solutions Vault Query Tool is the only tool that extracts queries in Veeva VQL and exports the data in CSV, JSON, Excel, or other formats as needed. In addition, Veeva Vault’s API cloud architecture enables a partner tool to access business data through its secure, proprietary specifications so that you can access any version of your stored and archived regulatory information all day. That puts your life sciences business in an excellent position to scale up for the future as your products, submissions, approvals, and licenses expand to meet market needs.

Other tools, like the Daelight Migration Tool (DMT), can help you migrate your data to Veeva Vault securely and compliantly. By following a three-step process of extracting, transforming, and loading your data into Veeva Vault, you’re able to move your data through each stage in an efficient and compliant manner using this highly configurable tool. The best part is these tools are updated frequently so they coincide with Veeva’s three-release-a-year strategy. This ensures the tools you use are compatible with the latest Vault releases and improvements.

What Questions Should You Ask When Choosing a Veeva Vault Migration Partner?

When considering any technology vendor providing third-party support for a dynamic, innovative data and document management system like Veeva Vault, there are basic due diligence steps to take, along with consideration of any proprietary advantages or resource disadvantages. This keeps risks low, such as time and cost overruns, data mapping errors, etc., and expedites the scrupulous review of your business processes and data needed to inform your decision to select a partner.

Now, here are questions to ask the Veeva Vault Migration Partner:

  • How long have you executed Veeva Vault data migrations for pharmaceutical company systems?
  • Is your company a Certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner?
  • How many companies have you worked with? Can you share case studies of successful migrations?
  • Would your data migration customers provide migration-related references?
  • What level of support will you provide for analyzing source and target data and configurations, and translating that analysis into Requirements, Mapping Rules, Enrichment Sheets, etc.? Will you lead that effort or lean on the business to provide it to your technical team?
  • Will you migrate all documents and objects to their applicable state in the target system? Or will you leave them all in the initial state (which is catastrophic if they ever want to use them again)?
  • What team resources do you have to dedicate to our migration: project management, technical specialists, and subject matter experts?
  • What is the proposed schedule of costs and deliverables?
  • What is the proposed approach and timeline for each phase of the migration?
  • What services are available in addition to Migration: Program and Project Management, Integration, Reporting, Configuration, etc.?

After you receive your answers, it’s time to sit down with your team to discuss which Veeva Vault Migration Partner is right for you. Once you decide, it’s time to work with your partner to take your Vaults to the next level.


Data migration is a complex process with significant compliance and business process implications. Count on a certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner to provide trusted, timely, expert guidance and business support before, during, and after your investment decision to position your new system for future growth.
Daelight Solutions is a certified Veeva Vault Migration Partner that offers two tools for making migrations easier: Daelight’s Vault Query Tool (DVQT) and Daelight Migration Tool (DMT). Contact us to learn more about our tools or to discuss your migration needs.